Learning How to Play Roulette Wheels

There are various kinds of roulette variants and all of them have their common feature which is really a wheel and its basic design features. And the first step to learn how to play roulette properly is to know its basic design features. This would enable you to play it with confidence and you would have the advantage to win more.

how to play roulette wheel

The first thing to consider about this wheel is that it is a wheel that is fixed on the table and there are no moving parts involved. The wheel is also a part of the table and there are three places where the wheel can be placed; the centre, the edge and the back. The centre position is the most popular one, and this is where the bets are placed.

Now, the second feature of the wheel is its size and the thickness. The diameter of the wheel is just under twelve inches and the thickness is just under one inch. The wheel is also fixed to the table and there is a support for it at the bottom of the table which supports it well.

Thirdly, there are roulette wheels that have a fixed height of thirty-two and the other wheels that can be used include those with varying heights from eighteen to twenty-two inches. It is important to know that different kinds of roulette variants come with different sizes and shapes. You can also choose the type of wheel which has two separate dials, so that both the spins of the wheel have different chances of happening. And finally, you have the kind of wheel that comes with a back panel and there is a small lever that allows you to adjust the wheel.

The fourth feature of the wheel is that it has an indicator and this is a light that shows the amount of the bet that you have won. In addition, there is also a red indication that tells the number of spins that your wheel has undergone and there is a black line that tells you which spin of the wheel you have already seen. The fifth feature of this wheel is that there is a line that tells you the numbers of wins. and also the amount of money that you bet on a single bet. It is important to consider that the red line shows the number of wins and the number of losses that has been recorded.

The sixth feature of this wheel is that it has a handle attached to it, and this can be adjusted so that you can move the wheel to either side, if you want. It is also a lever that enables you to adjust the spin of the wheel by moving it side to side. Finally, there is another lever that enables you to see the total amount of the bet that you have lost. If there is a sixth feature that is included with a wheel, then this would enable you to place a bet and win if you are lucky and vice versa, and it is also a lever which allows you to place a bet and not win if you are unlucky.